About Us

Here at Telita. we endeavor to deliver light, robust and reliable communication solutions for business and home users. Our main goals are to create simple yet professional VoIP services, which are easy to understand and delivered with industrial-grade reliability. We are one of the leading business VoIP providers.

Telita Hosted PBX …is our flagship product entailing the best voip solutions for business. It is a complete replacement for any telephony system used in a business environment. Telita have created a VoIP telephony platform that is based on our solid infrastructure and enabling flexible yet secure connections between users and business entities. Telita instantly enables businesses to be more productive, without the expense of buying and managing an expensive on-site telephone system. All our business VoIP solutions and features are delivered at a fraction of the standard PBX price.

Telita is an implementation of cloud computing idea into the world of telephony. Our platform allows deployment of a flexible telephony network, wherever an Internet connection is available. It can be used with a regular desk phones or with a computer based software. Existing telephone numbers can also be easily ported to Telita.

VoIP phone numbers can be easily configured to suit any business environment. Using our simple web-based control panel you can shape your telephone network to suit your requirements. Platform features include virtual meeting rooms, queues, ring groups, interactive voice responses, call recording, voicemails, contact directory, “Follow Me”, music on hold and many more.

Fully operational VoIP service can be centrally deployed with pre-configured phones delivered directly to customer.